Sunday, November 2, 2014

FineMolds 1/144 Scale Millennium Falcon

It was a fun building one of the most recognizable and Iconic Sci-Fi space ship out there, For a small 144 scale kit, FineMolds did a good job producing this one with all the intricate details incorporated into it same as it's bigger counterpart the 1/72 scale staying true to the original design of the Millennium Falcon.

Building the kit is pretty much a straight forward and lesser work on fitting. Painting is where I did most of the work.

* Pre-shaded with dark grey (which also serve as my primer for the whole kit)
* Custom mix of white/light grey
* Lots and lots ..... and tons of discoloration, highlights, streaking, engine grease/grime and detail painting only using oil paints!! This was the most fun I had and still discovered more techniques using only oil paints/odorless thinner as medium.

On to the images. Enjoy!

The Millennium Falcon displayed and ready to be ship-out to the next owner. :-)

Hoping to complete the trio of 1/144 scale MF's and on the big sister 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon.


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