Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/35 Briegel WIP 2 Updates : Detailing and Sculpting

Here are more updates on Zluca's 1/35 Resin Kit BRIEGEL.
...Some detailing done on the armors to simulate weld repairs and plate repairs

....simulated and raised the details on the head vents and basic drilling on the exhaust pipes:

the exhaust pipes

....i sculpted the flaming skull to the side armors based on the decal design, my lucky number 07 was also added, weld beads was done to simulate armor plate cut / welded on the existing armor.... and detailing using msg's

....and lastly i tried figure sculpting 1/35 scale to get the pose i need when the cockpit is open instead of the usual (chop up figure and reposing) the figure of briegel is too important for me... so no need to do surgery with it... Started it with a wire frame scaled to 1/35 and used foil to make the initial bulk of the figure, then epoxy putty was used for the next step, let it dry then away to shape....

figure is still rough but it will change soon...

That is all... see you again next update.

TK07 James


  1. and i thought this blog was dead for having no updates... good to see some updates here James! salute on the figure!!!

  2. @Mdgelo
    Ey Chief! Thanks for the site visit, the blog just got jump started i think?? ehehe, I am just getting to know how this blog thing works and posting some of my old works...but it will have its latest updates on my current works.

    Thanks again!