Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Industria Mechanika - WALDO Pilot 1/35 scale Resin Kit

Just completed this amazing 1/35 scale resin kit figure which comes together with the WALDO ship model kit a Ian Mcque concept / design and release by Industria Mechanika

Currently working on the WALDO kit and while letting my dormant creativity to kick in, decided to breakout this figure and try if I can do a decent figure build. For one is that I don't do figures that much unless necessary for a dio-build, mostly 1/20 Ma.k related figures, figure I did for the 1/35 Briegel build and the tiny figs that comes along with most of the MG Gundam line of Bandai...That's IT! :-P

The cast is very crisp and clean, did not do a lot of cleaning on it and the parts fits perfectly. I broke the strap detail of the bag, so detailed it cutting a thin strip from the PE set that comes with the WALDO set and works out just fine, then broke-off the wrench detail (clumsy me)!!! That will be repaired after the completion of the WALDO. Sooooo....

Here it is.

..... and a little sneed on my WALDO progress, the engine part.

Thanks for dropping by!

TK07 - james

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