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Yup the post title sums it all up..... long absence on the usual long post describing all the delayed WIPS (I can self -destruct now) and Latest Completed Works (do I really have one..Naaah).  I've been really on a crossroad with all the pending and planned stuffs on the hobby side of things but family, real life and work will have to be the priority, for this is the only way I can fund my love for the bear with me.

I've been floating in and out a lot of builds lately, and I can say now that I have kits that will never be be built by me.. maybe it will be pick-up by the next-generation TK someday (that's me hoping so I can at least see the kits built and not sell them.. lol!). Going through  my current builds I suddenly thought of why I ended up with this hobby, and where it all started.

hence the post..........

My first snapbuilt kit as I can remember clearly was a gift from my sister, it's a Zoids Blade Liger by TOMY pictured below. It was a complete joy building it from the sprues to the finish model or many call them toys just being snap together, but who cares I had fun with it and all of them old Zoids by TOMY.

After that I started buying what I can from my savings when I was in college during the early days of my hobby... My next kit was a Guysack from the same Zoids series, a small intricate thing with alot of detals, It ended up on a lot my builds as detailing parts eventually when i manage to get extra guysacks.

Collections grew and the rest is history...

...a few images from my snap-building days, I got all the big ones which I'm really happy and proud of, the Mad Thunder, Gojulas, Gojulas Giga's, Death Saurer, Death stinger, Ultrasaurus, Seismosaurus and all the Saureses'sss out there (lol) in the Zoids line and some of the pieces I have are limited editions that can only be given as prizes in competitions, but I'll get into that later....

.....but that was just my snap building phase folks. Funny thing is, I have to haul all of them to the new house and make room for them probably in a glass display this time and not in this situation / open shelves with the bit of an effort to protect them with plastic covers :-P....... It's going to be a long debate with my wife, that I'm 100% sure.

Well, on how I started doing partly the modeling stuff...
It was my college buddy GIR aka Jayann and Hutch (hopefully you are still doing awesome works man), we were all burnt-out with our architectural thesis that during a trip to the mall and happened to passby the main toy store wherein adds posted something of a competition sponsored by Bandai and it's local partner Bankee..... build, paint design your own Gundams!!! We jump right back at testing our creative mind-set without the hassle or thinking of boundaries and rules.

With no knowledge at all in kit building and gunpla armed with just my guts and background in art and design, I went ahead and purchased the 1/100 NG Freedom & Providence Gundam. Mashed the 2 kits together (hand painted in gunmetal / black / bronze combo.. LOL), joined the competition and got the attention of the voters - Lucky me and at the same time satisfied of my 1st result. The competition spark a creative and competitive drive for me to build more and improved.

From that day, I joined MECHAPINOY, a group which I'm still proud to be part of (I kept in touch with the core group in someways and I believe the group now ballooned in members and IMO spawned a lot of the other groups due to gunpla gaining popularity in our country). That was my initial push to the hobby, accepted by a group that shared the same "hobby", be creative and competitive.

Joined the 2nd contest (ZOIDS).. and every Gunpla / Modeling national event from 2004 to 2008, slowed down on the competition in 2009 due to "technicalities that I can no longer join" and felt that it's no longer fun, feeling that is already a sport but I never stopped building and creating, sometimes building other kits from Ma.K, Armors, other Sci-fi models and recently into resin GK. I may have less completed builds than others who churns out masterpieces on top of the other which is great for our local hobby groups or hobby communities. My goal (to produce my own kit) / situation (competition side) may have change, but the passion is still there..... building kits my own way, the way i see it, experimenting with my own way on different methods even if it's not the norm, I just do it the way it makes me happy... FOR ME. That will never change.

My apologies again for the long post. But might as well put this here, I was also thinking that, when a time comes my kids or grand kids hopefully ask about the works displayed I've done over the years. I can just direct them like... Hey kids we can just check out my post / blog!!! which will save me from a lot of pain trying to figure or remember how I came into this hobby or worse WIP tutorials... lol.. Technology Wins!!.... you guys know what I mean.


-TK07 james

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