Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunar Podball Assault Rover : Modified 1/100 MG Podball (2005)

This modified podball is the main unit and have a utility trailer / command center connected at the back for a diorama entry piece back in 2005, gladly it placed and was sent as one of our country's rep. for the  BAKUC competion in Hong Kong...
The sad part is, it arrived in Hong Kong like it went through WWII...  oh well moving on....... i managed to salvaged the main unit and the utility trailer / command center. Now that i will have to find time to make a niece "new" dio for it to be displayed in all it's glory..ahahah

here are more shots of the podball, and will post another entry for the utility trailer / command center.

I really love working on this units, there are alot of options and modifying possibilities to it... and i have 3 more works on them to prove it.

Till next post!

TK07 James

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