Saturday, August 2, 2014

1/20 Ma.K AFS Polar Bear

Finally done with this Ma.K build, if you can track it down to my last WIP post of it here, it's about to celebrate the build's 3rd anniversary. It's just one of those transition wips/builds I usually do to get my modeling mojo in between, no rush, deadline and no rules/boundary limiting what I can do with it.

The size of the kit and dio is just simple enough for me to ease on my other builds and as well as a canvas where I can test my painting / weathering. I only did a small rework sculpt and detailing on the head, the dio is from anything suitable I can find in my stash of spare parts and scraps.

here you go.. PICS.!

Really had fun doing this little Ma.K build. Looking forward to more Ma.k Fun.!


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