Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Updates SOON!

I am currently on blogging hiatus for this is not really my medium of expressing my passion for the hobby, but just to showcase all the hardwork i have done, may it be with gundam model kits, Ma.K kits, or Original sculpts from kitbash to scrap/scratchbuilts...... It is always a plus, when you cannot search for the photo of a completed build on your own files, go online, go to this blog and there it is.... that is the main reason for this blog, for i know that this is viewed only by me and i think another or 2... Thanks guys!!

But here it is, in a couple of days i will be posting a big update on this blog. I am currently doing a master for an original resin kit, hopefully to be release this year.......... sooooooo... I will wait then???

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