Sunday, October 23, 2011

F.A.T.S.O. Original Resin Kit for INNOKITZ Coming Soon!

Ok... enough waiting then... We from INNOKITZ proudly announce.......
F.ull A.rmor T.actical S.entry O.perations Unit or F.A.T.S.O. soon to be release original garage resin kit in 1/20 scale.

It really has been a long time for me to realize my own dreams in relation with the hobby, which is to have my own designs produce in kit form where other modelers gets to build it, that for me is hobby fulfillment, second is if i make small money out off it then my wife won't be that mad me taking 1-2 hours a night if i am on a build deadline. That is not a bad deal after all. Me and my partner in InnoKitz, Alex Arevalo also have a similar vision, keeping in mind the kits to be produce to be available in a competitive affordable price for our fellow Filipino modelers and the hobby community as a whole.

I did the general concept and design for F.A.T.S.O and will also be doing the master for the kit, so im pretty much loaded as of now for the kit is going to be huge..... approximately 14-17 inches in height and 10-14 inches wide in full details to have fun with.

Here is the lineart for F.A.T.S.O done for us by Ansel. This will be the initial shape of the kit, but it will have more details as i go on with the build.

.... and here are some early stages of the master.

Lower Torso Area:

... and the Upper Hull / Cockpit Area:

Main parts for the master is almost done, and off to detailing already.
I hope i can pull-off all the tricks i have learned from the masters in this build, taking inspirations from Zluca's builds and the scratchbuilding prowess of Fichtenfoo, and the tons of Ma.k influence was also put into this build.

Stay tuned for the coming weeks.....


James Marc. TK07

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