Tuesday, November 13, 2012

W.I.P : Wave 1/20 Polar Bear - Dio

A refresher build with no pressure, no time limit, no rules, just me having fun for the last 6 months (started when we sailed out to offshore work installations last June)..... this build is on and off together with the "Briegel" done by Zluca - Kallamity.

Works done on the kit:
* Almost an ootb build, just sculpted the joint w/ 2 part epoxy
* Detailed and modded the head cover ("faux fur" ;-P), added a jacket collar, a scarf and shoulder cushions - main reason behind this mod is that i lost the collar - cover that comes with the kit--- ey more fun for me this way.
*Custom color scheme (just went my own way with this one slinging paint like picasso. hah)

* Primer with "primer red" local brand applied straight from the can.
* All handpainted with citadel paints afterwards
* Basecoat mix of dark grey tones
* 2 tone of grey and white- off white's for the primary colors
* mix of yellow's for the id bands / striping
(pardon me for not mentioning any citadel bottle names - I did a lot of custom mix with this one without any control on ratios or whatever, I just went ahead and had fun with it.
* Dio painting goes the same just change the primer to grey.

Here are the images (sorry for the quality of the images, it was take only from my mp3 player, I will post better images once i get back from offshore works.)

Base kit:

Images of the modded pilot head and details:

Progress on the dio:

Still a long way to go... but looking forward to the completion of the kit and dio. Next step is what i love the most in this hobby... the weathering, filtering, discoloration with different oils, pigments, paints etc. If i ever ruin it, then I'll chalk it up to battle damage.. ( bleh!)
Till next updates!
--james TK07

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