Monday, January 28, 2013

Tamiya 1/24 Gemma Scooter Kit : Event Freebies Kit

Ok!! Let us start the year with a small post first for I intend to change the hiatus stages of my blog this year.

Here is the 1st of the kits I took photos of when I went back home from working abroad for vacation this holidays, going through a lot of my completed works brought back a lot of memories and a good kick in the @** to get my workbench up and running again.

As of now I got tons in my production and build line, but I will soldier on and some surprises along the way keeps me excited for this year.

The kit is a free gift from Tamiya as the sponsor for the IPMS competition before where I joined the mecha and sci-fi division... luckily winning a couple.

I made some mods on this kit especially on the steering/handle/and front wheel to make it swivel, the kit is fixed by the way (2 halves glued together and that's it!). Adding movement to it is a challenge and good practice away from gunpla. Also made some add-ons like the side mirrors (stretch sprues), key holes for the compartment (MSG's), brake calipers (stretch sprues), helmet hooks (stretch sprues), back carrier (stretch sprues) and mats for the feet.

Paints where done with Alclad burnt iron, and Aluminum. Detailing with tamiya acrylics.

Here are more images....Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing!

TK07 James

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