Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/100 MG Guncannon : Modified for Heavy Equipment Lifting and Repair Work


This is 1 of the unit out of 4 mechas I've done for a dio-competition piece for BAKUC 2006 before now known a GBWC. Also won 2nd place together with the "sharkball" and the MG ball mobile crane... Yes it was a year with a lot a Balls! LOL
Here is an image of the dio and the Guncannon on the dio from Richard Leo Ramos' photobucket images which is also shared. Thanks Man! (I just use google by the way and there are a couple of images).

And more photos and detail images of the Guncannon Worker Unit.
Some images of the mods and details I've done on the Guncannon:
Modication on the chest / vent areas from the oiginal guncannon backpack, scratchbuilt armor plates and detailing from various military vehicle kits.
The backpack and crane/crane mount from scratchbuilt parts, the crane was taken and modified from a 1/35 tank recovery vehicle (sorry i forgot the name). The visible screw mount is for the dio, i fixed it there for stability and forgot to put the cap/cover for the mount.
Modified right hand from the scrap MG Ball arm/grab? 
Some of the plating done on the arm and legs

and images of the working crane ..... sorry for the loose lifting wire, got lazy setting up... bleeeh. \but hey it WORKS!!!
Till the next updates!!
TK07 James