Saturday, March 2, 2013

1/100 MG Kampfer : Custom Colors and Weathered Build

Hi Guys!

Just another addition to the Gallery, I just had time to shoot during my vacation the builds that was never given a proper pictorial as mentioned on my previous post, so here they are on my blog.

The build was pretty simple: custom paints and my usual weathering of using the Tamiya weathering sets, cut here and there (some of the original color/plastic is showing, which was taken advantage of to create shadows and depth using custom mix inks after which was sealed), graphites and tech pens before I learned or somehow "upgraded" to the oils (filters, washes) and other weathering mediums during the years.

This hobby is always a work in progress I think.

Here is my Kampfer Build.

This Kampfer also won the Nationals for Gundam Model Kit Contest sponsored by Bandai/Bankee (local distributor for Bandai/Gundams) and the IPMSBAC Nationals during it's "deployment" on the competition circuit so to speak. Now it is peacefully retired and well taken cared of.... LOL!

Well hopefully that loading time on your end is not that long :-P (sorry for the big files, its for my Archives)

Till next time: Maybe i will be featuring other mechs on the next post... We'll see.



  1. been looking at this for a while. Do you have a WIP of this awesome masterpiece?

    I am interested to learn how you did the bright red lines, plus the fade/pale white/yellowish stripes