Saturday, February 11, 2012

1/100 Modified Blaze Zaku : S.E.A.L Zaku Mariner

Another monoeyed mecha from me! And this time a modified blaze zaku from the gundam seed series and designed it for underwater use...hence the S.E.A.L Zaku Mariner concept.
I made tons of modifications on this kit, from armor modifications/sculpting and kit bashing a moto-gp bike kit for the most part, and i also extended the legs and arms making this mech taller for about 3 inches. The main part of the work was done on the head gear / armor pieces and the mech support flyer, otherwise all the mods is like a breeze to go through with.

Enough with the talk and here are the photos of the build.

The Zaku Mariner

Detail shots:

Head Mods

Opening head canopy and missile pods:

More shots:

Lighting Gimik on the head armor:

The Flyer:

here are some shots showing the concealed lighting gimik i made from a folding household flashlight and speaker mesh. (this works actually with 2 AA battery! got the power installed underneath the bottom armor of the flyer :-P)



Till Next Post!!

TK07 James

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