Friday, February 24, 2012

F.A.T.S.O. Update 3

I got to prime the big pieces, now that i can see all the pieces without the contrasting colors and scratchbuilt parts i can continue to build up details armors as per my concept.
Started working on the main cannon mounts already and awaiting for the cast of the cannon gunbarrels for there will be 4 cannons for this mech.

Now i can start bulking it up with the armors and details like hydraulic pistons and cables.

More photos:

Still a ton of clean ups and gaps to be filled, but it is almost done, additional detailing will be done on the tank racks and you can say this part of the mech is complete.

Here are some additional progress on the legs:

added more frame and bulk / shapes to the previous design due to the size of this one, the leg alone is taller than a master grade "The O" already, so you can just imagine how big this kit is going to be.

Armors will be added soon.

Hoping to complete this sooner!


TK07 James

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